The Power Of The Crystal Necklace

The Crystal Necklace is a rare, chain-like accessory item that can be activated in the player’s three cosmetic accessory slots. It greatly increases the Attack of the wearer by 6. Furthermore, it massively increases the Defense Power and Speed for the whole team. When the accessory becomes fully equipped, a message appears stating “You are wearing the Crystal Necklace!” The Crystal Necklace can be obtained at levels 20, 35, and 50.

This type of necklace is only obtainable at certain times during the year. Players can speak to NPCs to find out when they will be available to receive the necklace at that particular time. There are also limited-time events that will grant players the necklace at a lower price or with a combination of two items. These include the Halloween event and the Christmas event.

During the Halloween and Christmas events, all players can receive the crystal necklace for free as long as they own at least one character. As such, this necklace makes it easier to level up characters since every player would need one to access the monsters that drop the crystals. On the other hand, players also have the option to purchase the necklace at a price of two silver coins each. This allows more players to own one piece of this necklace.

Like all other necklaces, this necklace cannot be disassembled or modified in any way. It can, however, be combined with other necklaces, and in some cases, other accessories can be added to it such as additional gemstones. This allows players to create more complex combinations, like making a necklace that combines the Defense and Speed nodes from the Star Necklace and the Attack and Vitality nodes from the Dark Necklace. There are no limitations on the number of crystals that can be put on the necklace, although only two of them can be placed on each of the three linked chains.

Players also have the option to customize their own necklace using the available crystals. There are four categories that players may choose from when customizing their necklace. They are Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water. Each of these has several subcategories available, which allows players to further personalize their necklace. For example, there are water crystals that players can mix with either gold or silver pieces, and gold or silver pieces that can blend with other water crystals.

As an added bonus, all players who purchase the necklace can use its power to transform themselves into animals. They can transform by adding green, blue, red or yellow crystals to the necklace. When the transformation occurs, the transformed players can go back to their usual form. However, this feature is only available for players who own the Animal Habitat Necklace. This necklace can only be obtained during the Special Event Weekend, which runs from November 14 to November 21.